work plan for a print and some other stuff

carve lino/wood (specific pattern or just at random)
order the scrap by length
divide into quintiles or deciles
make bar graph
find area of each scrap-vector (as pct of total)

print from carved block, same?

Was watching Solaris on YouTube. I was struck by a weird green line on the right edge of the video, and the excellent audio track

sunset on mars by the spirit rover 2005

(via burningthefuture)

reconstituted lino scrap > print > scan > vector trace > scale and decrease opacity according to values generated by the function:

squares <- function() {

opacity <- vector(mode=”numeric”, length=0)

size <- vector(mode=”numeric”, length=0)

x <- 100

while(x > 1) {

opacity <- append(opacity, x)

size <- append(size, 200 - x)

x <- floor(x / runif(1, (1 + 1 / x), (2 + 2 / x)))


opsize <- data.frame(opacity, size)



sleep drawing > vector > duplicate layers, decrease opacity + increase size at random intervals within a range

found wood scrap carved at random. layers duplicated, opacity halved, moved n key presses from the previous layer


A World Where Everyone Believes What You Believe in Exactly the Same Way by McMalva Hoffins

linocuts -> shavings -> baked into a new block -> print -> trace bitmap to vector -> duplicate layer, halve the opacity, shift down, repeat until opacity = 0